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Spare Parts

Our company; Friends Group Marine Services Egypt . is a general marine supplying company located in Egypt. The company has been established in 1964 with the eagerness and anticipation that one day the company would grow to be the leading company in the maritime sector. And today, we pride ourselves in saying that, thanks to the commitment and dedication of our team with the wise judgment and control of our management, we are the leading company in the area.

Why Choose Us ???

you could have in a variety of amounts or in restricted time, so as to deliver safely on time and best quality.

All our internal system is computerized to achieve the best performance and save time. Our database contains a history of prices and quantities remain in our stores. A customer can receive our offers to the required items within few minutes.

The Variety of goods available in our stores is our tool to success. And as a importer of these products, we can offer a competitive prices with international standards.

Custom Clearance & Delivery Ship Spares in Transit.

During vessels call to Egyptian ports and Suez Canal, Friends Group Marine Services can assist for spares delivery including all the customs clearance and the experienced handling.

Friends Group custom clearance team performing as one of the leading and most professional clearance teams in Egypt, which leads to timely clearing without any delays.

Friends Group transportation fleet uses the newest handling tools to make sure that the spares are always delivered in good condition without any damage might be caused to the shipment value.....etc


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